We have been growing potatoes around Ely for over 50 years.

Our land has nutrient rich soils and a favourable water table that make it ideally  suited to growing potatoes.  This allows us to produce more than 40,000 tons of the highest quality potatoes each year. 

As custodians of the land, we invest heavily in land drainage and water conservation in order to protect  our potatoes from flooding and drought.

By combining traditional farming techniques with the latest machinery and technology, we are constantly improving the quality of our crop and our overall efficiency.

We supply the processing, packing and wholesale sectors in both bulk and bags.

We offer our clients a consistent supply of high quality potatoes between October and the end of June each year. Our ability to meet our clients requirements is a direct result of our investment in state of the art, box storage, sampling and grading facilities.

The quality of our potato seed is a key factor in growing great potatoes and we have developed long term relationships with trusted seed suppliers to ensure a consistent supply of the best Maris Piper, Royal, Ramos, Markies, Agria and Diva seed.

These relationships also allow us to trial exciting new varieties.