Our farms support a rich and diverse range of wildlife and we undertake many initiatives to improve the habitat for wildlife and increase the diversity of species. 

We have been installing and maintaining owl boxes on all of our farms for more than 20 years. This initiative has been highly successful and in the Spring of 2016 we recorded at least 8 which return every year. Bird life is further encouraged by sowing fields with grass and wildflowers in order to provide a crucial source of winter bird food.

We also work with organisations such as the F.W.A.G. (Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group) to improve the habitat in key areas such as our waterways. This encourages wild life including water voles, otters and reed buntings.

In addition to improving the habitat, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint such as routine testing and monitoring of our water and soil to ensure the water quality is good and wastage kept to a minimum. 

New technological advances such as GPS systems in machinery help improve efficiencies and reduce waste, minimising our impact on the local environment.

Our stores are regularly improved and updated to reduce energy consumption and noise pollution.

Our four winter storage reservoirs provide a rich habitat for a host of wildlife, namely geese and swans, and ensure we conserve plentiful water from Winter through to Summer.

A strict drainage investment and maintenance programme ensures we maintain the quality of our soil and helps protect from flooding.

We continue to work closely with a number of local charities and businesses to support others within the local community and environment.